New brim’s bottles summer 2021 line-up - Brim’s Bottles

New brim’s bottles summer 2021 line-up

 All the colour you need with your daily hydration.

This summer brim’s bottles unveils 10 brand new designs with 3 dynamic collections and a new limited edition bottle. Known for bold and stand-out colours, brim’s bottles have now re-imagined hydration and stainless steel bottles with 10 unique designs that explores mixing bold colours, unique designs and African culture. These new bottles were inspired by daring individuality, self expression and embracing traditional yet modern African design. Say hello to the Cocktail series, Adinkra series and Afro-futurism series and as a bonus the limited edition Plantain bottle.

Cocktail Series

Inspired by 3 of their favourite summer cocktails, this series features gradient colours mimicking these cocktails. So what are these cocktails? Well they are Sour Apple, Tequila sunrise and Bramble. 

Adinkra Series

Graced with the royal symbols of Ghana’s Ashanti tribe, brim’s bottles Adinkra series is unique, bold and guaranteed to stand out anywhere. The Adinkra series look so special in 3 different colours Tuscan, Purple and Burnt Orange.

Afrofuturism Series

Exciting, fresh and striking is the only way to define the Afrofuturism series. This series explores the history, future and fantasy of a futuristic Africa with stunning designs and artwork. Comes in 2 different designs - Cosmic and *Loyalty. 

 *The ‘Loyalty’ bottle aims to raise funds for various causes on the African continent (More information to come)


The new line-up is on sale now with 12 character engraving, custom lids and carabiner to make it more unique to you. 


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