Founder P.Y Adjei shares the Brim's story. - Brim’s Bottles

Founder P.Y Adjei shares the Brim's story.

Hey! P.Y here, founder of Brim’s Bottles.

I’m African (Ghanaian specifically).

I am an advocate for sustainable living.

I love life, culture and going places.

I am a fool for great designs. 

All these attributes are inherently what makes Brim’s Bottles.

Brim’s Bottles as an idea came to me on a work trip to Hangzhou, China – On a trip to my now manufacturers factory. 

I immediately fell in love with the function, purpose and shape of a bottle sitting in a glass casing in their showroom. 

Now… I know there is nothing new under the sun, I had certainly seen this bottle shape somewhere. 

My first thought was how can I add to the purpose this bottle already serves? How can it go beyond what your bottle means to you? Great designs!
Brim’s Bottles are not only built to serve these purposes but to serve your mood. 
Each bottle is created with the ethos of - ‘Designed with you in mind’. We don’t believe in one style fits all so we created a brand that will be forever evolving, just like you.

So lets discuss the purpose of Brim’s Bottles:

Drink more water.

More than half of us are dehydrated. Drinking water is an important part of an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe in drinking more water. Brim's bottle keeps it fresher for longer, always handy and encouraging you to drink more through your day.

Single used plastics such as plastic bottles are often not recycled and constitutes about 40% of plastic waste

The reliance on single use plastic bottles has left devastating effects that continue to harm our planet especially our waters. Brim’s bottles helps to decrease the use of plastic bottles by providing a reusable alternative that you can love everyday.

Looking good and sipping good

Drinking more liquids is all good and well however at Brim's bottles we believe in design and style. We guarantee you unique, out-of-the-box designs and colours on our bottles that you will not find anywhere. The ultimate style accessory.

Practicality and Functionality

Carry your bottle with you everywhere. Brim’s Bottles are easy to move around. All Brim’s Bottles have an easy to grip powder paint coating and fits easily into most bag pockets, car and bike drink holders.


We love our customers. To Brim's bottles you are family, part of our crew. Every thing we do is aimed at making your life and world around you that little much better. You are always evolving and so will we.

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